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Visioning is an outstanding way to help you achieve success

Certified coaching and facilitation from Thulani Facilitates helps clients to break away from negative mindsets and develops the skills to build a positive, meaningful vision for the future.

Thulani Facilitates specialised visioning techniques will give you a life skill that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Read what Thulani Facilitates owner, Gromick Thulani Ndlovu has to say about visioning

A vision is a sight unseen. It is the product of a dream or an ambition or a fear and a failure. It is a complex product of memory and experience and the capability of processing them into a prediction of outcome in certain circumstances. Visioning is the process of learning to make use of past experiences in order to plan for the future. It is a method of preparation that reduces the risk of being caught unawares and suffering the added disadvantage of shock in an unexpected adverse situation.

One needs to be able to engage all the senses and powers of concentration and project them into the desired situation or possible undesired occurrence. For those who have not learned this it may sound like so much mumbo-jumbo but it is a method of enrichment of one’s existence. It is certainly a useful tool in all aspects of life and one that successful people are not afraid to use.

If you’re serious about enhancing your experience, productivity and success, you should seriously consider discovering the skill of visioning with Thulani Facilitates.

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