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Go on a NO-TV Diet

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For the past 18 months I have put myself through an interesting experiment—I have been on a NO-TV diet. Although the experiment was spawned from vanity (the purple wallpaper in which I had covered my retro-TV didn’t match the furnishings in my new apartment), it has been, I realize in retrospect, one of the healthiest moves I have made to de-sludge and simplify my life. I am no longer caught up in the grip of unnecessarily scary news, swayed by enthusiastic advertisers or enthralled/ appalled by the lives of individuals who once came—welcomed or un-welcomed, into my private space.

Recent experiments indicate that as we passively watch The Tube, our heart rate drops, our metabolism slows and our mind becomes stagnant. Because of the constant focus of our eyes on the bright screen, we are virtually draining energy (glucose and oxygen) from the brain and mind.

The biggest benefit of this NO-TV diet, for me, is that I have loads of time (and energy) available to engage in other worthy pursuits.

De-sludge your life

We all have a certain amount of ‘sludge’ in our lives—habits, issues, people and beliefs that block us, slow us down, clutter our minds and drain our energy. In order to make space for the important things in our lives, we need to get rid of as much ’sludge’ as possible. We need to de-junk our entire lives—sort out our clutter, organize our space, cut down on TV, detox our minds and bodies.

How do you rate in the following areas?

Question Yes Sometimes No
My home and work environments are de-cluttered and inspiring      
I don’t have a lot of things hanging in the air, un-finished projects, business matters or other items      
I don’t overload my life with too much TV, Radio or newspapers      
I have let go of people and relationships that drag me down, or have a negative influence over my life without a de-sludge-ing, No Television Experience      

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