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Strategy review and alignment workshops

For an organisation to go forward and upward, it needs a workable strategy that is easy to implement. Thulani Facilitates has certified coaches and specialist strategy facilitators to help companies with strategy.

Their advanced strategy facilitation skills ensure that your organisation produces the outcomes it desires.

The strategy your team produces is aimed at getting win-win results that represent the views, beliefs, aspirations and desires of all the delegates present.

The following process outline is a typical approach that will be followed. Based on your requirements, the process is customised to your specific needs.

Strategy Process Outline

The process uses the following philosophies:

  • Scenario Planning
  • Systems Thinking
  • Gestalt Approach
  • Thinking Environment
  • Appreciative Inquiry

Thulani Facilitates will help your organisation or team clarify and leverage your unique identity and purpose … your DNA.

A typical strategy intervention will include the following:

  • Ensure that the team’s present – mind, body and soul
  • Create a safe environment for the creative participation all the team members
  • Establish team spirit, common purpose and goals
  • Clarifying the current reality
  • Clarify an alternative (better) outcome for the organisation
  • Review and develop VVMOST (Values, Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics)
  • Establish implementation plans
  • Clarify the execution responsibilities

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A view on strategy development by Gromick Thulani Ndlovu

To be strategically placed is to be assured of success. Therefore in hopes of success we need to consider strategy development. Strategy is the process of or skill in planning and conducting a military campaign. Strategy is a long-term plan for future success or development. Consider the generals poring over maps and plans before military engagement. Scouts have been out and come back with reports of the enemy progress and manoeuvring. Visualisation has been applied to this or that outcome of this or that theory and gradually the plan of action emerges. However it cannot be written in stone, as one can never entirely predict the actions of one’s adversaries, so there has to be flexibility and an alternative or an escape route to the plan. All the officers and soldiers have to be fully briefed and in clear understanding of the order of planned events or they must be so trained as to be able to act completely on command, depending on the scope of the exercise, and the number and quality of the participants.

Relate this to a chess game or a sports field or a marketing project plan. Relate it to an investment venture or business start-up or corporate transformation plan Relate it to your whole life. There is not one angle of human life that would not benefit from strategic development. It is the art of paying attention, developing awareness; seeing the bigger picture, understanding the probability factor, and proactive response to any situation. Play golf, practice your Sudoku and your Scrabble games. Play Monopoly and Solitaire and above all chess; and learn to be alert.


Facilitation of Workshops


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