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Powerful Personal Presence

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It is not difficult to spot individuals with true internal power—it usually goes hand-in-hand with effortless, authentic charisma or, as I call it, POWERFUL PERSONAL PRESENCE.

True internal power reflects healthy self-belief, self-approval and self reliance. People with Powerful Personal Presence display personal integrity and personal poise.

Don’t be fooled—a person can be in a position of power and influence and still be very weak, without a shred of real power and internal ease. Trying to win people over, by seeking approval and acceptance; trying to impress and craving praise all destroy your real power, because they make you dependent on other people’s whim. You end up a puppet being controlled by others’ moods and choices.

People with true internal power stand out - they are self-reliant— they have learned to look inside themselves for answers and solutions. In so doing they have developed a healthy self-trust and self respect. They are trusted by others because they are CONGRUENT / ALIGNED —the image they project, the way they think and what they say and do are all in HARMONY. (This is so even when what you are saying is direct, straight-forward and without guile. If you are congruent people around you will feel confident. If they believe in your ability to do what you say you’ll do they will trust you.

Working from our inner resources outward is the most powerful way to create Powerful Personal Presence. Examining our beliefs and aligning them with our capability, our actions and our image determines the quality of the experience that others may have of us.

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