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Personal Development & Mastery

Thulani Facilitates has all round personal experience of many fields of enterprise; Labourer; Corporate staff; Professional; Union Member; Management in various fields and roles; Entrepreneur; Black Empowerment; and broad-based consulting clients.

Story of Gromick – use it to illustrate personal development
Gromick Thulani Ndlovu schooled in Kwa Mashu in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, at the following schools: Guguletu Lower Primary School where he was a first class student and designated role model to the children around him.

Then he continued at Siphumelele Higher Primary School where he was a first class student and a prefect. The head master then was Dr JL Dube. His high school years were fruitful in that he participated as chairman of the debating society, developed a self-study programme to overcome the shortage of Maths and Science teachers and an incomplete curriculum. He was one of only three Science students out of about three hundred at the school at the time to matriculate with exemption in the year 1982. Post Matriculation: [1983]

Ever determined to succeed he raised funds for his tertiary education as follows: By hawking, selling newspapers and vending petrol wherein each of which employments he gained awards for achievement.

He finally made it to University at Fort Hare where he began the long hall in gathering the following impressive list:

* BSc (Physics 3, Maths 2, Engineering Drawing & Design 2,
Chemistry, Applied Mathematics) - Fort Hare University [1988]

By 1989, he had become a Programmer (COBOL, Natural Adabas -) at Shell SA. He then spent five years with Southern Life, during which time he served as :

  • Analyst Programmer (Advanced COBOL) [1993 - 1995];
  • General Manager (Southern Employees Union) [1996];
  • PA to the Director (HR and External Business) [1996 - 1997];
  • Change & Transformation Manager with Gemini Consulting [1997- 1998].

He moved across to Woolworths where he served for seven years in the following upwardly mobile route.

  • Change Management Specialist [Sept 1998 - Jun 1999];
  • Supply Chain Manager (Produce) [July 1999 - March 2000];
  • Retail Academy - Leadership Development Programme [April 2000 – May 2001. This position included the following practical work experience of leadership, General Management & Mentorship.
  • Diversity and group dynamics.
  • Workshop facilitation, Managing chaos;
  • Project Management
  • Operations Manager (Food Division) [May 2001 - Oct 2002];
  • General Manager (Cellular Merchandise - Inthebag PTY Ltd)
    [Oct 2002 - Jan 2005].

The next step in his meteoric rise was into Chairmanship. Thus he became chairman at Phambili Investments Corporation [1999 - Present]

  • Non-Exec Vice Chairman [February 1999 - Oct 2003]; and
  • Non-Ex Chairman [18 Oct 2003 - present].

Thulani Facilitates came into being in 2005. To all the training and experience he has he also adds a spirit of inspiration learned at his father’s knee. Thulani is a born teacher and comes from a family line of traditional healers. Today he is the Founder and Chairman, filling the roles of Executive coach, facilitator and Strategy consultant.

Always with an eye to the past and future of South Africa’s heritage he serves the Robben Island Museum as an audit committee member

It is Thulani Facilitates sincere wish and belief in an innate personal ability to train you in personal mastery and development as demonstrated in his life. “Anything he can do you can do also. You can do anything, anything at all!”


Facilitation of Workshops


+27 83 251 6539 

Life skills alphabet to ponder:

Attitude and aptitude
Beliefs build bridges
Codes of conduct
Dreams and desires
Ethics and endeavors
Friendships forever
Givers gain
Health and happiness
Intention and idealism
Justification and jurisprudence
Kindness and kindliness
Laughter is the best medicine
Method is melody
Nurture & nourish
Order; a state in which everything is in its proper place
Pride and prejudice
Refreshment and recreation
Sense and sensibility
Trust and trustworthiness
Umpire’s impartiality
Veracity and victory
Willingness and worthiness
X – Element of mystery
Yield of your best


I feel grateful to have Thulani as my Coach. When I met him for the first time, I was confused and looking for advice/guidance. He helped me on the challenges I experienced on my job or position. Our coaching sessions were targeted to my specific needs.

Talking with him helped me focus. He provided me with the support that kept me going and productive. The sessions I had with him helped me identify my strengths, weaknesses and interests.
I really learned a lot from his coaching sessions, and now I can perform my duties with “confidence”. I recommend Thulani to anyone who is looking for a Coach. Thank you!!

Catherine M