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Thulani Facilitates Coaching and Facilitating Services

Thulani Facilitates founder, Gromick Thulani Ndlovu is a certified coach who specialises in executive, business, leadership, team and life coaching. He uses the services of certified associates to assist him with the facilitating and coaching projects for his clients.
Contact Thulani Facilitates for facilitating and coaching services on 083-251-6539

Facilitation services

Create, clarify and crystalise your vision for a compelling future. Align your organisation to realise your vision
Strategy Development
Align your Vision, Values, Mission, Key Obejctives, Strategic plans and Tactics to make your dreams come true 
Team Building
Turn a group of individuals into an inspired and cohesive team of superstars
Embracing Diversity
Integrate and harness diverse personalities, cultures and character traits into outstanding productivity and enhanced creativity
Personal Development
Through personal mastery, you master your lfie and master your world
Thinking Skills
Build bright minds to create a successful learning organisation
Sales & Marketing Skills
Grow and develop markets, establish your brand and increase profitability

Coaching services

Life Coach
Nurture your life skills to ensure you live a life of purpose, balance and destiny

Executive coach
Become a corporate giant who belongs at the top, leads effectively and delivers visionary results

Business Coach
Take your business to new and sustainable profitable heights

Leadership Coach
Go beyond being a manager into an effective leader

Operational Management Skills

A systematic approach for the smooth operation of your business

Operations Management
Business Development Skills

Ensure your business skills and competencies are developed to their full potential

I had the privilege to be coached by Thulani for six months during the beginning of 2006. I found it very easy to raise issues with him due to his good sense of humour and his general approachability.

During coaching sessions, I found that his ability to listen resulted in him asking the vital questions that allowed me to see my problem from a new perspective and this allowed me to develop an action plan in order to address the issue at hand.

Thulani does also not stick to a classic coaching style and, on occasion adopted a mentoring style, or even shared personal experiences with me. This varying of approach I found particularly useful in order for me to better understand my opportunity.

Based on my experiences, I recommend Thulani as a personal coach.

Peter Koedyk



The past 3 days have led me on a journey of discovery... helping me to see who I am and I want to be. Cheryl
I appreciate each coaching session. This last one was a real eye opener for me. Namhle
Thanks for the great coaching. I am motivated to achieve my personal goals and inspired to help others. Daphnie
Thank you does not seem enough for the wealth you have given me. Isie
I deeply appreciate my coaching experience with Gromick Thulani Ndlovu. With his guidance and support, I’ve gained much greater clarity about my vision for a socially just world and the role that I can play in helping to create that world.   

With the insights gained from this process, I continue to take steps, even after our coaching relationship has ended, to better align my family life and professional work with my personal mission.

Hedy Change 



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