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Operations Management Skills

Thulani Facilitates helps organisations resolve crises and define strategies for operations management development.

Skilled business coaches train operations managers to successfully deal with process, systems, executives and staff.

The productivity of an ongoing organisation is dependent upon the operations manager who relates with executives and staff and has general resources to ensure that all the systems are effective.

To ensure that your organisation has effective operations management skills, Thulani Facilitates has modified a workshop from Bakhona Development and has designed a Operations Management Skills Workshop.

Minimum delegates: 10
Maximum delegates: 25

Here’s what will the delegates discover on the workshop:

  1. Have a clear understanding of effective operations management.
  2. Establish skills and tools to develop a map of the processes, e.g. flow-chart.
  3. Have the capacity to account for resources in operations and the industry and workplace controls that govern the business.
  4. Develop skills to leverage resources to maximize their potential.
  5. Develop a culture of continuous improvement and the techniques to implement it in the workplace.
  6. Determine and evaluate quality characteristics and standards from the customer perspective
  7. Identify barriers to operational effectiveness and create action-plans to remove these.

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Operations management skills



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