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Life Coach

Certified life coaches from Thulani Facilitates use a tried and tested process to help people believe in themselves again and achieve their goals.

A Thulani Facilitates life coach can help kick start a stalled career, an ailing relationship and can minimise the weak choices that lead to bad health and stress.

Who can benefit from a Certified Life Coach?

Almost anyone who wants to be successful in their lives can – from university students, leaders, bosses, managers and executives. As long as you have the desire to improve yourself, and reach your full potential, you qualify.

What is Success?

Each of us defines success in a different way. Know this, success is more than earning a fat paycheque every month, driving a fancy car and living in a lavish house. It’s about:

  • Developing meaningful and fulfilling relationships with those you love
  • Living a healthy and abundant lifestyle so that you stay healthy, vital and enthusiastic
  • Lifelong learning and developing your mental faculties
  • Securing yourself financially both for you and your family’s short-term and for the long-term security.
  • Giving back to the community and leaving a legacy for those who are less fortunate than you
  • Developing yourself spiritually so that you can be all you were meant to be

How can a Life Coach help?

  • Helping clients design a life of adventure, purpose and destiny
  • Help clients acknowledge the current reality and aim them at a more inspiring and meaningful future
  • Helping clients identify strengths and weaknesses and on what’s going well in their life right now
  • Inspiring clients to ‘Impossible Thinking’ or ‘I’m Possible’ thinking – helping them raise the bar for their lives so that they can achieve whatever it is they desire
  • Helping clients discover their purpose
  • Helping clients define their values and beliefs
  • Helping clients to establish and achieve ‘Big Hairy Audacious Compelling Goals
  • Helping clients to develop a laser focus so that they stick to the activities that will lead them to great success

Call Thulani Faciliates now!

If your life is off-track or you need a helping hand to overcome a specific challenge in your life, then you should consider using a certified life coach from Thulani Facilitates. They’ve had numerous successes with their clients. Contact Thulani Facilitates now!


Life and Business Coaching


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