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Leadership Coaching

Thulani Facilitates has certified leadership coaches who use a tried and tested system to develop leaders.

The challenge for South African business today is that it hasn’t got enough managers, let alone leaders to realise the corporate goals.

True leaders get people to follow them and support their (and the organisation’s) VVMOST – values, vision, mission, objectives, strategy and tactics. Both, when times are good and when they’re bad.

Great leaders achieve great results

  • They build power teams that buy into the organisations VVMOST and achieve them consistently.
  • Achieve win/win results for everybody concerned.

So, when a company has good leaders or potential leaders, it is in its own best interest to keep them motivated and loyal to the organisation.

Sometimes all it takes is the guiding hand of an experienced leadership coach to keep them on track and to get them to really shine and unleash the full leadership potential that is in them.

Leadership coaching interventions are required when:

  • A leader is not achieving organisational goals
  • The organisation wants to turn its managers and supervisors into a real leader
  • Teams are broken, unmotivated, dispirited and unproductive
  • A leader is out of balance and reaching breaking point
  • A leader is struggling to embrace diversity within the organisation
  • A leader is not coping with rapid transformation in the organisation
  • A leader has lost sight of personal goals and dreams and has lost the lust for the chase

The face-to-face leadership coaching intervention is one of the most effective strategies for grooming tomorrow’s leaders today.

Certified leadership coaches from Thulani Facilitates are more than qualified for the task. Their vast business experience, academic qualifications and coaching experience will turn anybody’s career around. Contact Thulani Facilitates now!


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