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The Imposter Syndrome

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You know the Imposter is hovering around when you think things to yourself like; ”I give the impression of being more competent than I really am” or “I’m afraid people will discover how much knowledge or ability I really lack” or “Everyone else is smarter than I am”

The Imposter lies. You can defuse it by doing a reality check of what you have already achieved.

If you have ever thought, “I’m not able to do this; it’s only a question of time before they find out’ then you have suffered from imposter syndrome.

The good news is that almost all white-collar workers suffer from imposter syndrome at some stage in their careers, and some of the more successful people experience it the whole way through their working lives. This means that all those people you are worried might expose you are probably busy worrying that you might be about to show them up. What a relief! To learn more about this Syndrome, visit www.impostersyndrome.com

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