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Executive Coach

Certified Thulani Facilitates executive coaches use a tried and tested approach to coaching executives.

The process entails one-on-one coaching between the coach and the executive. It is highly personalised and experiential and structured to help a leader achieve organisational goals.

Who Benefits?

Both the executive and the organisation benefit from an executive coaching intervention. Because the organisation foots the bill, coaching is done in alignment with the organisational goals and aspirations. This means that the organisational DNA (VVMOST – values, vision, mission, objectives, strategy and tactics) are always top-of-mind with the executive.

When do we need an Executive Coach?

  • Coaching a manager who has been earmarked for an executive promotion
  • Teaching executives new skills for a new position
  • Coaching executives to be team builders and not team breakers
  • Teaching executives how to balance their lives so that they prevent burn-out
  • Helping lay a structured and measurable career path for executives wanting to move up in an organisation
  • Coaching executives to embrace diversity and use the strengths of each individual to the benefit of the organisation
  • Coaching executives to reach win/win outcomes every time

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