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If you’re looking for a certified life coach and facilitator that specialises in executive coaching, business coaching and life skills coaching, you should seriously consider Thulani Facilitates.

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Residential Address: 10 Frogmore Road, Norfolk Park, Kirstenhof, Cape Town

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Suite 187, Private Bag X18, Tokai, 7966, South Africa


+27 (0) 21 - 701 9167 (h)

Cellular: +27 (0) 83 - 251 6539 (mobile)




Thulani Facilitates Products and Services

Coaching and Business Products and Services

  • Coaching – Business and Life
  • Coaching Skills Development
  • Developing and Implementing VVMOST - Vision, Values, Mission, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics
  • Transformation & Design Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Embracing Diversity
  • Team Work
  • Business Skills Development
  • Project Management
  • Change Management

Thulani Facilitates specialises in life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching and facilitation. Owner, Gromick Thulani Ndlovu is a certified life coach. He also uses a number of associates who are specialist coaches.

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For the past four months, I have had the most rewarding engagement with Gromick Thulani Ndlovu in my capacity as a coachee assigned to Thulani.

During this time, I have come to appreciate him, as an extremely intelligent individual with a highly developed sense of intuition; complemented by sound analytical abilities and an affinity for delving through the layers of my emotional and sub-conscious disarray and honing in on those leverage points which, if acknowledged or resolved, would deliver me the most beneficial emotional value and or satisfaction.  His positive demeanour is always contagious – inspiring confidence whenever one meets with him.  His outlook on life is echoed in his professionalism and disarming level-headedness.  His flexibility is evident in his ability to grasp and deal with diverse complex issues and I have found him to be an extremely methodical and thorough person in his approach.  All of this is underscored by a healthy balance between being assertive and empathetic, when required.

Thulani’s biggest strength lies in his well-developed interpersonal skills – he has listening skills, par excellence.  He has shown that he is able to effectively communicate with me on any level - be it professional or personal.  His insights, knowledge and life experiences are thrust to the fore whenever I think that I may have exhausted all views on a particular issue of concern for me, however, he pleasantly surprises me time and again, by providing refreshing alternative perspectives to those issues.

My interactions with Thulani has been the most profound experiences of my life to date – with his help I have accepted my own diversity and through the application of his knowledge and advice, I have managed to define my purpose in life.  My interactions with him have been truly life-altering.

It is with great respect and admiration for his abilities that I have no hesitation in providing this testimonial attesting to his skills and I am sure that, every interaction you will have with Thulani, would be profound and in some instances, life changing.  I have every confidence that his involvement in whatever endeavour you envisage using him, will be positively rewarding.

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